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The Invisible Problem

Vision issues not only impact the success of children in school; they also affect their ability to function in life. Unlike hunger or tooth decay, vision is an invisible problem—children are often unable to self-identify that their vision is impaired. Children rely on their parents, teachers, and community to be advocates for their vision care. To them, blurred vision is normal.

The Barriers to Care

  • Awareness

    Vision impairment is one of the most prevalent disabling conditions among children in the U.S.

  • Access

    80% of all vision impairment can be prevented or cured.

  • Affordability

    Nearly a quarter of parents don’t have the financial resources for their kids’ full vision exams.

Why We Do It

Essilor Vision Foundation is a public charity that empowers children to reach their full potential by giving them the ability to see clearly.

How We Do It

By partnering with schools, eyecare professionals, nonprofit charities, and community leaders, Essilor Vision Foundation is able to provide vision exams and glasses to children in need.

We Need You

Essilor Vision Foundation believes that we cannot solve the vision crisis alone—it takes a community to help the millions of children in the U.S. who need vision correction services.

Get Involved

Find out how Essilor Vision Foundation provides resources to schools, eye doctors, charities, and corporations to become advocates for vision. Click below to learn more.