We are celebrating 15 years of providing life-changing eye exams and glasses to people in need. No child or family ever receives a bill for services from EVF.
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Stories of Lives Changed

Khloe received the one millionth pair of free eyeglasses

Daniel & Sam Get an Eye Exam

Daniel is an example of how vision impacts a child’s ability to succeed in school.
“I’m smart and I can figure out just about any problem. I just couldn’t see things that were far away.”

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Why We Do It

Essilor Vision Foundation is a public charity that empowers children to reach their full potential by giving them the ability to see clearly.

How We Do It

By partnering with schools, eyecare professionals, nonprofit charities, and community leaders, Essilor Vision Foundation is able to provide vision exams and glasses to children in need.

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Together, we can help every child see the world clearly.
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