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See how Walman's Kids With A Vision program is providing clear sight for children, in partnership with Essilor Vision Foundation.
Walman in partnership with Essilor Vision Foundation

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Charitable giving and community involvement have always been core values of Walman. The optical company has been a strong supporter of Essilor Vision Foundation for many years, from sponsoring the annual golf tournament to CEO Marty Bassett dedicating his time to serve on the Board of Directors. EVF is excited to once again be aligning our missions for the Kids with a Vision program.

“The Kids With a Vision program gives our customers the chance to engage in a more meaningful way in philanthropy and giving back to their communities. We see it as an opportunity for them to build their brands, create greater awareness and recognition for the importance of optical health, and have a direct impact on kids in their communities.”

– Marty Bassett, President & CEO Walman

Partner Since 2008

Program Details

Walman Kids with a Vision

Kids With a Vision

For every pair of digitally surfaced lenses from (and treated with non-glare treatment from) Essilor, Hoya, Shamir, VSP and Walman produced by Walman Optical labs purchased by participating eyecare professionals (“ECPs”) from January 1, 2022 through December 31, 2022, Company will donate $5.00 to Essilor Vision Foundation. *Exculdes outsourced and previously discounted products. To learn more about our partnership, visit

About Walman Optical

Founded in 1915 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Walman is a family of optical companies with a 100-year history of excellent relationships built on enduring trust and added value. Today, Walman is proud to have over 1,000 employee-owners working across the country in 40 offices and 19 states. Walman continues to place a premium on hard work, quality and innovation.

To learn more about Essilor Vision Foundation’s partnership with Walman Optical, visit

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