One of the Worst Prescriptions We’ve Ever Seen – Johnny’s Story

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November 22, 2021

Johnny's Glasses Story

Squinting his eyes, a super quiet kid named Johnny was escorted to the Kids Vision for Life (KVFL) mobile clinic by his school nurse.

Johnny’s school nurse was extremely grateful we were finally able to get him the help he needed. This is the first year she was able to get him to see our KVFL team due to precautions from the COVID pandemic. “You can tell by his body language that he was uncomfortable because he couldn’t see,” one of the KVFL members recalled.

Little did our KVFL team members know, Johnny had the worst prescription they would see all day. When it was time to place him on the AR Reader, his results came back extremely unordinary and required multiple trials by multiple team members. Once the reader came back the same after each trial, they were all in disbelief.

“Since Johnny has never owned a pair of glasses before, it would mess with this eyes and brain too much if we prescribed him with his actual prescription,” our KVFL member stated. However, we were able to accommodate Johnny with a pair of glasses that would temporarily help his situation until he’s able to see another doctor due to the severity of his prescription.

Unfortunately, we treat students like Johnny, who need glasses badly but have never received an eye exam, all too often. This is why we are dedicated to fixing this vision crisis one person at a time. It is important during this season of giving back to remind everyone of why we are committed to our mission. Thank you to everyone who places our mission at the forefront.

See how poor vision can impact a student and how a donation to EVF helps change kids lives.

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