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Our Focus

We strive to give children a brighter future by helping them see the world more clearly. We partner with communities to provide vision screenings, vision exams, and eyeglasses to underserved children at no cost to their families. We also work to educate parents and communities about the importance of vision and the role it plays in literacy, society, and the economy. Since 2007, the Essilor Vision Foundation has provided more than 500,000 pairs of eyeglasses to individuals in need. 


To eliminate poor vision and its lifelong consequences.

EVF’s Global Reach

It is estimated that over 2.5 billion people in the world suffer from vision problems that go uncorrected, and that 30% of the world’s children will experience vision problems that have a significant impact on their long-term health, school performance, and emotional and social development.

Essilor Vision Foundation U.S has affiliated locations across the globe, to help address each country/region with its unique vision needs and barriers to receiving vision care. These outreach programs aim to bring healthy vision to the most marginalized populations throughout the world, focusing in particular on children and women.

board of directors

Robert Colucci

Chairman of the Board

Robert Colucci began his career with Essilor in 1989 and was named president of the Independent Distribution Division in October 2004. He became the chairman of the Essilor Vision Foundation in January 2012.

Patrick Esquerré


Patrick Esquerré, the founder of La Madeleine Bakery and Café in Dallas, has been involved in a variety of nonprofit, community-based initiatives around the nation.

Tony Fleo


Tony Fleo is a proven leader in the area of organizational development, with 25 years of experience helping communities, organizations, and individuals with leadership development, effective communication, and establishing mission within a company, community, or family environment. 

Susan Hoff


Susan Hoff is the Chief Strategy, Impact & Operations Officer at United Way of Metropolitan Dallas. She serves as a member of the advisory board of the Texas Early Care and Education Career Development System, and is a past board chair of the Social Venture Partners Dallas and the Jr. League of Richardson.

Eric Leonard


Eric Leonard is President of Essilor of America, Inc. He started at Essilor in 2002 as Chief Procurement Officer. Most recently, he held the role of President, European Zone, where he was responsible for all European countries. Prior to Essilor, he worked for BCG Consulting and Peugeot.

David Milan


David Milan joined Essilor in 2000 as General Counsel and Vice President of Legal. He has responsibility for the Essilor of America legal department, which provides internal legal services for all of the Essilor of America affiliated entities in the United States. He received his bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Texas at Austin and his juris doctorate degree from Texas Tech University.

M. Kathleen Murphy


M. Kathleen Murphy has been a volunteer for the National Center for Children’s Vision & Eye Health (NCCVEH) for more than 10 years. She has had an extensive career working on school and public health issues, particularly among underserved communities. She is also a member of the American Public Health Association, the American Nurses Association, and numerous other nursing societies

Kevin Rupp

Member & Treasurer

Kevin Rupp joined the team in 2000 as the Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President of Finance and Administration. At Essilor, Kevin has implemented a shared service organization for the administrative functions of the company, which has included an enterprise-wide systems implementation to provide full administrative services to all operating business units.

Joel Shannon


Joel Shannon helped initiate a program to provide eyewear to Houston-area schoolchildren who otherwise would go without. Through the coordinated efforts with local schools and school districts, thousands of schoolchildren have been provided eyecare by Houston’s See to Succeed program. 

Essilor Vision Foundation Leadership

Kim Schuy


Kim Schuy assumed the role of President of Essilor Vision Foundation in January 2016. She brings extensive expertise in vision care, most recently as Vice President of Global Marketing for Essilor of America, where she developed an innovative pipeline, increased regional growth efforts, and developed branding and portfolio strategies. 

Dawn Alcorn

Director of Marketing and Communications

Dawn Alcorn is responsible for leading the development and implementation of marketing and brand strategies for the Foundation. Her professional experience includes past employment within the CPG and nonprofit companies, including PetSmart Charities, Susan G. Komen, Showtime Networks, Pillsbury, and Nabisco.

Jayci Giaccone

Director of Development

Jayci Giaccone joined EVF in early 2016 from a full-service fundraising agency, where she served 20 different clients in various capacities to implement strict best practices and raised nearly $14MM in five years. At EVF, Jayci oversees all fundraising, donor stewardship, events, employee engagement, and database management.

Andrea Haymore

Director of Partnerships

Andrea Haymore leads partnerships at Essilor Vision Foundation and has been with the organization since 2013. She works to develop resources and support vision nonprofits and charitable eye doctors to offset costs and extend their outreach. Andrea previously worked at the American Heart Association's National Center.

Marina Patino

Assistant Director, Kids Vision for Life

Marina Patino joined Essilor Vision Foundation in 2007 as Program and Event Manager and was promoted to Assistant Director, Kids Vision for Life in January 2016. Over the past 19 years, Marina has worked with Essilor of America in various roles including Executive Assistant Supporting the CEO as well as Event and Meeting Planner in Marketing Services.