Millions of children need vision care, and with your help, their future is bright.

How To Get Involved

Essilor Vision Foundation believes that we cannot solve the vision crisis alone—it takes a community to help the millions of children in the U.S. who need vision services. By partnering with parents, schools, eyecare professionals, nonprofit charities, and community leaders, Essilor Vision Foundation is able to provide vision exams and glasses to children in need.


Vision is an invisible problem since most children are not aware they can’t see clearly, yet up to 44% of parents don’t know that behavior problems can be indication their child has a vision impairment.

We support parents by providing resources to understand and raise awareness about the importance of children’s visual health


We provide vision services to low-income children at no cost to families through mobile clinics at schools and other special events.

Eye Doctors

We support eyecare professionals who are advocates for vision in their communities by providing them with low-cost resources.


We build relationships and offer resources to charities who understand that the ability to see impacts a child’s ability to succeed.


We partner with corporations who graciously support the cause of vision with their time, donations, and talent.

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Soar With Us

To us, a paper airplane is more than just a piece of paper. It symbolizes a child’s ability to soar in life once they receive a new pair of glasses.
Join us and we’ll send you a “How to Fold a Paper Airplane” PDF.

Help A Child See Today

Together, we can help every child see the world clearly.
Your donation helps provide vision exams and eyeglasses to children in need.