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Glasses And Labs Services

Are you an eye doctor who provides vision services to people in need? Essilor Vision Foundation provides no cost lenses, frames and lab services to help your charitable efforts within your community. There is a large gap between the need for vision care and access to it. With your help, 80% of all vision impairment can be prevented or cured. And most notably, 85% of consumers state the cause of helping children see clearly was very or extremely important to them.

Enrolling in Changing Life Through Lenses™ takes 5 minutes and you will have a real-time account for ordering these charitable jobs.

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Essilor Vision Foundation supports optometrists and vision charities that are focused on serving underprivileged youth across the U.S. We support these efforts with in-kind donations of single vision lenses, frames and lab services at no cost to the eye doctor.

Examples of Charity Work

Use this program to support a variety of charitable efforts within your community. Explore all of these ways where you can impact a child’s life for the better.

  • Independent in-office work
  • Community events
  • Charity networks referrals
  • Vouchers issued across the U.S.

Program Requirements

No change can be assessed for the in-kind hardware.

Services are limited to charitable work in the U.S.

Patients must be living at or below the poverty level without vision insurance.

If you are organizing an event or vision fest and would like assistance with a variety of resources Essilor Vision Foundation to offer rental examination equipment, no-cost stock lenses, and frame and optical consumable purchases please fill out the partner form and indicate your needs.
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