President's Day
Celebrate President's Day in classrooms with these free materials. Your free download includes writing prompts, word searches, fun facts and social media posts for elementary students.

Free President’s Day Kit

For President’s Day, Essilor Vision Foundation created resources for teachers and schools to use in their classrooms.

1 in 4 children has a vision impairment that affects their ability to learn, but 80% of those problems could be solved with a vision exam and a pair of glasses. Below are classroom activities like writing prompts and word searches with fun facts about presidents for your students to enjoy and to make lesson planning a little easier.

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12 Million Children in the U.S. Have a Vision Problem

Vision issues not only impact the success of children in school; they also affect their ability to function in life. Unlike hunger or tooth decay, vision is an invisible problem—children are often unable to self-identify that their vision is impaired. Children rely on their parents, teachers and community to be advocates for their vision care. To them, blurred vision is normal.

Getting an annual eye exam is integral to making sure kids succeed in life.

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