See Kids
Bring the cause of vision to your practice with free marketing materials and a free point of sale system.

See Kids Soar

Your Free In-Office Cause Campaign

By being a part of the See Kids Soar program you can help the millions of kids in the U.S. who need vision care. This in-office donation campaign is intended to inspire parents, patients and optometrists’ staff to adopt the cause of vision, and give them an opportunity to raise awareness and funds by providing you with a cause marketing kit.

Get your free marketing kit and payment processor.

You Get
Free Marketing Materials…

Your office will receive print materials for your patients, fun gifts for your staff to promote the program and digital materials to highlight your practice.

What’s inside your free kit?

  • Posters and brochures

  • Near point card and Tear pad

  • Pens, buttons and lanyards

  • Social media content, videos, infographics and more.

  • Only FREE for the first 250 offices.

Easy Way to Collect Donations at Checkout

Your office can receive a free credit card processor* from FoxFire when you enroll so you can easily collect donations at checkout.
*Credit card processor ONLY compatible with Global Payments Integrated (GPI). GPI will contact you to setup the payment processor. The credit card processor is valued at nearly $500.

Without charitable doctors, millions of children would go without proper vision care. Thank you for your support.

Doing Good Is Good
for Business

We looked at the research*. Bringing cause into your business can be good for your business.
Good for your bottom line. Good for your employees. Good for your customers.

Enrolling in See Kids Soar® brings cause to your business, your employees, your patients and
can make a world of difference in a child’s life.

Enroll Today

*Source: Cone Communications

Patients Can Help Children in the U.S….
Because of You

“I need these glasses…”
Christian’s smile and laugh were contagious as he tried on almost every pair of glasses. “I need these glasses because it’s really blurry when I try to look at the board.
Help A Child
Take Donations
For every $50 donated, a child receives a vision exam and pair of glasses to help them succeed in life. Each donation is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.
“I like glasses…”
“I like glasses that really show my personality.” Makayla posed in front of the mirror with each set of glasses, daydreaming. “My personality is a fun girl who likes to dance and move around and do something with her life, like be a doctor.”

Get a Free Credit Card Processor
Patients can donate at checkout so it is no extra work for you.

Improve, Help & Inspire
with See Kids Soar

  • Improve your business’ image with the community by promoting a cause
  • Help children in the U.S. with vision impairment, succeed in life by accepting donations
  • Inspire patients and motivate staff with an in-office marketing kit

Get your free marketing kit and payment processor.
The first 250 offices, get the marketing kit for free.

We would like to recognize and thank Relevate Health Group and FoxFire, LLC, for their support of the See Kids Soar® program.

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