An Invisible
Vision is the most overlooked factor impacting a child’s success in school and in life. With clear vision, there are no limits to what they can achieve.

Our Cause

Millions of children in the U.S. lack vision care and cannot see the world clearly. While some state laws require vision screenings, there is a large gap between the need for and access to vision care. A simple pair of glasses can help a child succeed in life.

Day in the Life of
Child with Blurry Vision

Meet Christian

Christian’s smile and laugh were contagious as he tried on almost every pair of glasses that Essilor Vision Foundation offered. His personality and eagerness to wear glasses were clearly evident as he smiled and said, “I need these glasses because it’s really blurry when I try to look at the board.” After several minutes of posing and giggling in the mirror, Christian looked up with an anxious face and said, “What time will I get my glasses?” Our team assured him he would receive his new glasses that afternoon. With a quick look at his Sonic™ the Hedgehog watch, Christian informed us that we had two hours left before the school day was over.

The Facts

The numbers say it all. Without clear sight, their education and future are at risk.

Meet Makayla

When our Kids Vision for Life team met Makayla, they knew one thing: She was meant for glasses as vibrant as her spirit. “I like glasses that really show my personality,” she said. Makayla posed in front of the mirror with each set of glasses, playing and daydreaming. Then she found the ones she loved. “My personality is a fun girl who likes to dance and move around and do something with her life,” she said. “Like be a doctor.”

We Provide Better Life
Through Better Sight

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