Meet Eddie - glasses changed this boy's life

Eddie’s Story

Like many parents, Eddie’s mother was unaware of the signs and symptoms of vision impairments. “It was a total surprise to me when I was told that he needed glasses. No one in my family uses glasses and I thought he was too young.

Eddie was showing signs that he was having vision problems but his mother did not realize it. “Now that he has received his glasses, I’ve noticed he doesn’t have to hold his books so close. I just thought the reason was because he was learning to read.”

In fact, 44% of parents are not aware that behavioral problems can be an indication that a child’s vision is impaired. Kids with undetected vision issues frequently have trouble reading and doing their schoolwork. They often appear tired and fidgety, and they experience frustrations in the classroom—actions that can lead to a misdiagnosis of dyslexia or other learning disabilities. That is why experts recommend children have an eye exam before starting first grade and each year after that.

Watch Eddie’s video to see how glasses are giving Eddie a boost of self-confidence at school and at home.

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