Meet Khloe: The 1 millionth to receive free glasses from EVF

Khloe’s Story: One in a Million

Meet Khloe. This adorable first grader is the recipient of the one millionth pair of glasses. Watch her story brought to you by Essilor Vision Foundation.

Khloe represents the estimated 10 million children in the U.S. who can’t see clearly and need vision care. Essilor Vision Foundation strives to give children a brighter future by helping them see the world more clearly.


Khloe is an outgoing child who makes friends wherever she goes. She loves unicorns, dancing and shopping with her mom Santana. She also enjoys reading and using her tablet. One day, Santana noticed things started to change. “Khloe would come home from school complaining of headaches. She didn’t want to read and wouldn’t do her homework. She was always using the tablet and she even started putting that away.” Like millions of parents, Santana did not realize that Khloe was having vision problems.

Khloe’s poor vision was also causing her to struggle at school. “Before I got glasses it was hard to see the board,” she says. Her school nurse Lauren noticed that Khloe needed glasses during a routine vision screening. “I think her teachers thought it was a behavioral issue, but Khloe could not see at all,” Lauren explains.

EVF’s Kids Vision for Life mobile clinic visited Khloe’s school, and she received a vision exam and eyeglasses at no cost to her family. Her mom Santana says having glasses has made a big difference for Khloe. “With the glasses, she pays more attention. Before, she didn’t want to read and she wouldn’t do her homework.”

Khloe is thrilled with her new pink and black eyeglasses. “When I got glasses it was easy to see. Now I can see my mom, the board and my brother.”

Essilor Vision Foundation is proud to support Khloe by providing glasses for her up to the age of 18.

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EVF celebrated Khloe and the milestone of one million pairs of glasses by inviting Khloe and her mom to our annual Visionary Society Dinner.

During the evening, Khloe and her mom were treated as VIPs, being welcomed to the dinner with cheers from Visionary Society members and presented with the gift of glasses for Khloe through the age of 18. See the highlights from her VIP experience.


Khloe is adorable and funny. Enjoy seeing the bloopers from the various interviews and events we recorded.

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