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Champions for Sight

Essilor Vision Foundation is investing in the community, schools and parents so each person can be an advocate for children’s vision health. Through partnerships with schools and non-profits, more children receive access to vision care. By providing resources to teachers and parents, each one can better advocate for their students and children, making them a champion for good sight.

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Resources for You

Scholastic Nurse Kit

Scholastic and Essilor Vision Foundation worked together to create a resource for nurses and teachers across the country.

Vision impairment affects more than just a child’s time at school, so we are providing a kit that includes a poster, classroom visual, activities and take homes for parents too. Free for schools to use.

President’s Day Resources

Did you know LBJ owned more than 50 pairs of glasses? President’s Day comes every year and we designed some great activities for teachers and principles to work into their classrooms, so there’s no extra work for the teacher. Plus, each fun fact highlights the need for vision care in the U.S. Get your free resources today.

Valentine’s Day Writing Prompts

What do your students love to see? Using these free writing prompts for a Valentine’s Day activity in your classrooms and get your kids thinking about their sight.

Signs & Symptoms of Vision Impairment

Rubbing Eyes Frequently

Light Sensitivity

Sensitivity to camera flashes, indoor lighting or sunshine

Reading with Finger

Using finger as a guide while reading or losing place while reading

Sitting Too Close

Sitting too close to the TV while watching


Squinting to see objects up-close or at a distance

Help A Child See Today

Together, we can help every child see the world clearly.
Your donation helps provide vision exams and eyeglasses to children in need.