Essilor Vision Foundation has provided over 1 million pairs of eyeglasses to people in need.
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Who Received the One-Millionth Pair of Glasses? Khloe.

1 Million Magic Moments

Millions of children in the U.S. live with blurry vision every day. Yet something as simple as a pair of glasses can truly make a difference.

Every time a child receives a pair of glasses, magic happens. That child can now see their world clearly and experience their own life-changing magic moments.

Glasses provide countless magic moments for a child – moments many of us take for granted.

Essilor Vision Foundation is committed to helping everyone have a better life through better sight, because everyone deserves to see clearly.
1 in 4 school children
has a vision impairment significant enough to impact their ability to learn.
Estimated 12 million
kids in the U.S. live with blurred vision every day.
Vision is important
often overlooked factor impacting children’s success in school and life.
We have helped one million people
get the eyeglasses they need, but millions of children are still missing out on magic moments because they cannot see clearly.

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The Great News
of all vision impairment can be treated or cured

Meet Children We’ve Helped
Experience Their Magic Moments

We believe every child deserves to see clearly and we work every day to help the millions of kids around the country who need vision correction. Here are some children who received a pair of glasses that opened their eyes to a new world and gave them the opportunity to experience their own magic moments.
Rebecca gets free glasses from Essilor Vision Foundation


“Before I got my glasses, I thought it was normal to see blurry.”

Clear vision is especially crucial for children. Unlike hunger or tooth decay, children are often unable to self-identify that their vision is impaired. To them, blurry vision is normal.

Eddie's free glasses helped his confidence at school


…Now I can see books, letters, animals, my teacher and the ball..”

Like many parents, Eddie’s mother was unaware of the signs and symptoms of vision impairments. “It was a total surprise to me when I was told that he needed glasses. No one in my family uses glasses and I thought he was too young.”

Victoria's glasses helped her in school


“Once I put my glasses on it was amazing because everything was so clear.”

Victoria is an example of how vision impacts every aspect of a child’s life from learning, confidence and social interactions to participating in activities such as sports, art or music.

Khloe received the one-millionth pair of free glasses


Meet Khloe. This adorable first grader is the recipient of the one millionth pair of glasses.

Khloe represents the estimated 10 million children in the U.S. who can’t see clearly and need vision care. Essilor Vision Foundation strives to give children a brighter future by helping them see the world more clearly.

Jay Lynn

Jay Lynn couldn’t see the board and her schoolwork was suffering. “I feel good about getting glasses. When my teacher writes the tiny problems on the chalkboard, I’ll be able to see that clearly with my new glasses.”


Justin had a pair of glasses but they broke and his family couldn’t get him a new pair. “One time I had to miss recess to finish a test because I couldn’t see the words so it took me a long time. With my new glasses I won’t have to do that again.”


Jimena recently got her first pair of glasses and is looking forward to having an easier time at school. “My glasses will help me see words and pictures and read books.”


4-year-old Brandon had a pair of glasses but a classmate broke them and his mother was not sure they could afford another pair. Speaking about the classmate, Brandon said, “He doesn’t wear glasses, he doesn’t get it.”

Thankfully, Brandon was able to see us only one day later to give the pair of glasses he needed so desperately, at no cost to his family.

Watch kids experience their own magic moments.

Help Create More Magic Moments

Together, we can help every child see the world clearly. Your donation helps provide vision exams and eyeglasses to children in need.
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