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To children with a vision impairment,
blurred vision is normal.

That’s why children rely on their parents, teachers and community
to be advocates for their vision care.

Why Take the Pledge as a Parent?

Your children rely on you to be an advocate
for their vision care.

Clear vision is essential for children, since 80 percent of learning in a child’s first 12 years is through their eyes. Yet one in four school children in the United States has a vision problem significant enough to affect learning.

Children with undiagnosed vision issues often have trouble reading and doing their schoolwork and may act up in class, which can lead to a misdiagnosis of learning disabilities. In fact, 44 percent of parents are not aware that behavioral problems can be an indication that a child’s vision is impaired.
80% of what a child learns come through their eyes
1 in 4 children has a vision impairment that affects their ability to learn
44% of parents are unaware that behavioral problems can indicate that a child’s vision is impaired

Make sure your child has clear vision by participating in the Essilor 20/20 Vision Pledge.

Commit to seek your child’s best vision. You can be entered for a chance to win a comprehensive exam and glasses for your child, and glasses for their entire school!

Sweepstake ends on September 25, 2019.

How to Use the Pledge in Your School

You know how important clear vision is for children, but your students’ parents may not.
Children rely on their parents, teachers and schools to be advocates for their vision care.

Chances are many parents don’t know that their children should have a complete eye exam at age six months, again at age three and before their child starts school. Additionally, it is estimated that nearly a quarter of parents do not pursue full vision exams for their children due to lack of financial resources.

Your School Could Win

You can help raise awareness of the importance of clear vision and get free glasses for your entire school by participating in the 20/20 Vision Pledge and helping to spread the word:
Take the Pledge
Take the pledge to be entered to win vision exams and glasses for your entire school! Essilor Vision Foundation will bring the doctors, provide the vision exams and deliver the glasses, all at your school.
Share the Pledge
Share the pledge with parents! They can take the pledge and nominate your school to win free vision exams and glasses for the entire school. Be sure to use the hashtag #2020VisionPledge.

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Get Free Resources
Essilor Vision Foundation collaborated with Scholastic to create a resource for schools, teachers and school nurses to help educate kids and parents about the importance of vision health. Checkout the Your Amazing Eyes Scholastic resource, available for free

The Essilor 20/20 Vision Pledge sweepstakes ends on September 25, 2019. The winners will be announced on October 10, 2019.

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* Glasses will only be provided to those who require correction.

Help A Child See Clearly

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