EVF's Response to COVID-19
Taking action to resource those affected


EVF’s main objective has and continues to be serving people in need of vision care. We work with schools to provide vision exams and glasses to kids with vision impairments; support charitable eye doctors who volunteer their time to perform vision exams; and partner with vision non-profits around the country to address the lack of vision resources in low-income communities.

While COVID-19 has certainly affected our ability to serve children directly, EVF continues to make a valuable impact. Read on to learn about how we have modified our programs to address the impact of the pandemic and how we are working to provide critical vision care to those who need it most.

Kids Vision for Life

Kids Vision for Life (KVFL) brings no-cost vision exams and free glasses to Title 1 schools throughout the year.

How has the program adapted during the pandemic?

KVFL has made several changes so we can continue to help kids get the vision care they need:

  • COVID-19 Protocols – KVFL’s updated safety procedures were developed in line with school-based protocols released by the Texas Education Agency, school district re-entry plans, the Centers for Disease Control, and industry standards. These procedures include:
    • Required symptom screenings for KVFL staff, doctors, volunteers and patients
    • Phased clinic operations, resuming with one to two events per week and scaling up as community indicators allow
    • Socially distant exam stations and moving some processes such as frame selection out of the mobile clinic
  • Electronic Exam Records – Electronic records will help us minimize touchpoints throughout the exam process. The digital exam records also streamline the process of ordering and producing glasses, which will enable us to dispense glasses to students more quickly. An additional benefit of electronic exam records is automated data collection that will make KVFL more efficient.
  • Community Outreach – We are working with school districts to hold community-based events to provide access to vision services to students in need who are participating in both virtual and in-person instruction. This includes online registration where parents can sign their children up and submit a consent form so they can receive vision services at one of our events.

Click here to learn more about KVFL.

Changing Life through Lenses®

Changing Life through Lenses provides a free pair of glasses when an eye doctor donates a vision exam to someone in need.

What is the status of the program?

In light of COVID-19, EVF is anticipating there will be even more families who may need financial assistance to get vision care.

More eye doctors’ practices are opening every day, and we are here to provide free glasses for their charitable efforts. For now, our labs are open with a limited capacity to make glasses for our partners with urgent needs. Our goal is to fully reopen Changing Life through Lenses this fall. If your need is urgent, please contact

Visit the Changing Life through Lenses website to learn more.

See Kids Soar®

How has COVID-19 affected See Kids Soar, the in-office awareness and fundraising program?

We recently relaunched See Kids Soar with updated materials and a free credit card processor to make it easy for eye doctors to collect donations at checkout. Our partner Relevate is contacting eye doctors to tell them about See Kids Soar and enroll them in the program. Donations raised through See Kids Soar will be critical in helping to provide vision care to children and their families who might need finical assistance due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Click here to learn more about See Kids Soar.

Champions for Sight™

With millions of schoolchildren learning at home, how is the program achieving its goal of raising awareness about the importance of clear vision?

Kids depend on adults for their vision care, so it is critical that adults know the signs and symptoms of vision impairment. As millions of kids and parents continue to navigate online learning and spend more times looking at screens, it is more essential than ever to educate teachers and parents about the importance of kids’ visual health.

Champions for Sight includes free, fun and educational materials to inform teachers, nurses, parents and students about the importance of clear vision. In addition, through nationally distributed consumer press releases and emails to thousands of teachers around the country, EVF continues to encourage parents and teachers to be advocates for children’s vision.

Click here to learn more about Champions for Sight.

We are thankful for our community of supporters, donors, partners, eye doctors, schools, teachers and parents around the country who are selflessly and tirelessly leading the way for our nation to get through this crisis together.

Essilor Vision Foundation remains committed to doing its part and ensuring proper vision care is available for all people in need.

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