Refugee Student – Ariet’s Story

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August 9, 2021

Ariet's Glasses Story

Usually our Kids Vision for Life (KVFL) program focuses on students in Kindergarten through the 5th grade, but we made a special exception for Ariet.

Ariet was a high school student and a refugee from Kenya. Since she only spoke Anuak, She could not verbalize to her instructors that she could not see the board, which most likely hindered her ability to focus on her school work.

Vision Care Coordinator of FWISD and EVF’s Partners In Excellence winner, Prescilliana Olayo, took Ariet under her wings and made sure she had food, clothing, and medical services. She also arranged for Ariet’s first-ever vision exam. Ariet was ecstatic once she found out she had the freedom to pick whatever frames she wanted. “For her to actually pick out her frames was life-changing,” one of our KVFL team members shared. Ariet went with a gorgeous pair of round brown frames and we couldn’t be happier for her.

Thanks to the hardworking teachers and our donors, she can now succeed in school and experience life with clear sight.

This wouldn’t have been possible without the KVFL team, caring school nurses, and all of our partners who bring the mission to life every day.

See how poor vision can impact a student and how a donation to EVF helps change kids lives.

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