Celebrate July 4th by Giving Americans in Need a Head Start

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July 1, 2020

Helping Americans See Clearly

This Fourth of July, Essilor Vision Foundation (EVF) asks everyone to join us in helping our fellow Americans in need get essential vision exams and glasses.

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted our country in many ways, and EVF is anticipating that more families will need financial assistance to cover medical expenses, including eye exams and glasses. Good vision is necessary for adults to be able to work and support their families, and for kids to succeed in school. Your donation can transform lives by giving glasses to people who cannot afford them.

Vote for Vision

This Fourth of July, you can make a difference in someone’s life by supporting EVF’s Vote for Vision campaign, which encourages people to prioritize their own eye health and to donate to the foundation so individuals in underserved communities can receive critical vision care during this uncertain time.

A donation of $25 provides a pair of glasses. This year, thanks to a generous matching grant, every donation made by an individual will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to $100,000. In recognition of your support, anyone who donates $25 or more will receive a Vote for Vision t-shirt.

Your donation gives families a choice. They will not have to decide between glasses and other essential needs. Thanks to generous donors like you, no one ever receives a bill for vision care from EVF.

Helping Americans See Clearly

Eighty percent of all vision impairments can be treated or cured, often with a pair of eyeglasses. You can be part of the solution and change someone’s life.

“My dream is that one day everyone will think of their eye health as a regular part of their overall health, and that going to the eye doctor becomes as routine as seeing a doctor or dentist for checkups,” says Becky Palm, EVF President and Executive Director. “While this may be as easy as simply making an appointment for some people, that is not the case for millions of families in this country. By Voting for Vision, you help give clear vision to someone who otherwise cannot afford it.”

EVF is committed to helping everyone have a better life through better sight, because everyone deserves to see clearly. We strive to serve all people in need equally. We do not discriminate and are inclusive of all races, ages, orientations, identities, origins, abilities/disabilities or similar characteristics. Visit to learn more.

About Essilor Vision Foundation

Essilor Vision Foundation strives to give children a brighter future by helping them see the world more clearly. Since 2007, EVF has provided more than one million pairs of eyeglasses to individuals in need. Essilor Vision Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public, non-profit organization committed to eliminating poor vision and its lifelong consequences. To learn more, visit

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Help A Child See Today

Together, we can help every child see the world clearly.
Your donation helps provide vision exams and eyeglasses to children in need.