“Don’t even know how he was able to see” – Khyree’s Story

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June 25, 2021

Khyree's Glasses Story

You never know what you’re missing until you can see it.

This was the case for Khyree. After getting his vision exam, one of our team members recalled that Khyree’s prescription was one of the worst they’ve seen in a while. “I don’t even know how he was able to see. Even an 80pt font would be hard for him to read,” they stated. Khyree’s vision was so poor, he would be considered legally blind. When it came to getting Khyree the glasses he needed, our KVFL team made it happen. As you can see from the big thumbs up, he is ready to get back in the classroom and excel in school.

We’re grateful that our team was able to give him his first vision exam and his first pair of glasses. Free vision exams and glasses impact Khyree and kids just like him in more ways than provide better sight.

Khyree with his new glasses

Kyhree no longer has to merely hope to see the world clearly. He finally has the chance to see for himself.

Parents who cannot afford vision care are getting a free vision exam and new glasses at no cost, lifting a burden off their shoulders. EVF will continue to do our part and increase awareness of vision impairment in children across the nation while also providing solutions to less fortunate families.

See how poor vision can impact a student and how a donation to EVF helps here.

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