Kids With a Vision is a Win-Win for All

September 27, 2019

Brian Green - Account Manager
This year, Walman Optical launched a new program called Kids With a Vision to raise funds to provide vision services to children in need. For every pair of digitally surfaced lenses treated with non-glare treatment produced by Walman Optical labs purchased by participating eye care professionals through December 31, 2019, Walman will donate $5.00 to Essilor Vision Foundation.*

Account Manager Brian Green is helping to roll out the program with his customers. “Kids With a Vision represents a tremendous opportunity for many of us help support the communities that, in turn, support us. Without a doubt, there are so many people who want to give back but lack the time, resources, or even know where to begin. With the infrastructure that Essilor Vision Foundation has set up, we can all help out by leveraging the network by doing what we do every day. It’s truly a win-win-win for all involved, whether you’re giving or receiving. I love that.”

Essilor Vision Foundation is a non-profit organization that strives to give children a brighter future by helping them see the world clearly. The funds raised through Kids with a Vision will support the organization’s efforts to provide vision care for children in underserved communities in the U.S. who otherwise would not receive crucial vision exams and glasses.

Based on the response he’s getting from customers, Brian is confident the program will be a big success. “We’ve been able to solidify our relationship with two very philanthropic practices in Ohio. Both practices put a daily emphasis on reaching out to their communities, making a difference, and improving the lives of everyone around them. It’s beautiful when we, as a business partner, can come to them and support the same message they drive and work more parallel to what motivates them.”

Brian is encouraged by the engagement he sees from practices. “I was visiting a customer recently and as I looked around and saw all of the Kids With a Vision literature around their office, I couldn’t be more proud of what they are doing, what we are doing for them, and what Essilor Vision Foundation is doing to support us and the kids in need of quality vision care.”

For more information about Kids With a Vision, visit the website:

*Excludes outsourced and previously discounted products

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