Marquell and the Blurry Eye Chart

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May 12, 2021

Thanks to his school nurses, Marquell is getting the care he needs

The team was shocked to discover how poor Marquell’s uncorrected vision was and to learn this was his first vision exam!

The world is often challenging for children with autism, especially if they are non-verbal. This was the case for Marquell, a third-grader our Kids Vision for Life (KVFL) team met when we visited his school.

Most children have a difficult time communicating that their vision is blurry, and it was even harder for Marquell to let his teachers know he was struggling and couldn’t see the board clearly.

Thanks to Cassie, his persistent school nurse (left), Marquell (right) received his first vision screening. The KVFL team discovered his uncorrected vision was so poor that he was not able to see the big “E” at the top of the standard eye chart!

Because Marquell is non-verbal, the school provides him with an iPad to help him communicate with his teachers and classmates. A few weeks after receiving his first pair of glasses, Kassy told us that Marquell has made amazing improvements. He is finally able to use his tablet to communicate with his teachers, focus on schoolwork and enjoy being a third-grader.

Marquell’s delight in being able to see clearly brought Cassie to tears. “This whole time he couldn’t really see me or even see his tablet to use it properly,” she shares. “After getting glasses, he had a real ‘wow’ reaction. He typed on his tablet, ‘Cassie friend.’ His world has opened up and he’s so joyful.”

Marquell is just one of the millions of students across the United States who need vision care. EVF is committed to continuing to raise awareness about the nationwide need for vision services, and partners with schools, eye doctors, and nonprofits to bring vision care to those who need it most.

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