“I Really Need Glasses” – Suleyka’s Story

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May 27, 2021

Suleyka's Glasses Story

A quiet and reserved 5th grader walked up to our table to check-in. Her name was Suleyka.

When asked if she was excited to get a pair of glasses, she responded “My mom and I were so happy when we got the text that you guys were coming to my school. I really need glasses.”

It turns out she failed an eye exam two months prior, but her family could not afford to get her a pair of glasses. Suleyka’s favorite subject is math and she could hardly see the board. “I started learning math at 4 years old because my dad wanted me to be smart. He lived in Mexico and he didn’t have the opportunity to learn. I wanted to learn because I got the opportunity,” Suleyka told our team while awaiting her turn to enter our mobile vision clinic.

Suleyka went with a classic pair of brown frames. The excitement on her face, while she tried on her new pair of glasses, was priceless—just like her entire service.

“I think I’d like to be a lawyer or an engineer” Suleyka answered when asked what she wanted to be when she grows up. We can’t wait to see our future attorney change the world in her new pair of glasses.

Parents who cannot afford vision care are getting a free vision exam and new glasses at no cost, lifting a burden off their shoulders. EVF will continue to do our part and increase awareness of vision impairment in children across the nation while also providing solutions to less fortunate families.

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