They Lost Everything in the Fire – Taylor and Tierra’s Story

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July 20, 2021

Taylor and Tierra's Glasses Story

Not long before this photo was taken, these siblings experienced a terrible tragedy.

In February, Taylor and Tierra lost their apartment and nearly all their belongings in a terrible fire. Essilor Vision Foundation (EVF) had provided them with a free vision exam and glasses at one of our Kids Vision for Life (KVFL) events a few weeks before the fire.

Even though they lost everything in the fire, no one was hurt. Thankfully their school came together to donate tables, chairs, and gift cards to help the single mother get back on her feet. Their nurse saw them a couple of days later and noticed something was missing—their glasses. “We don’t have them,” Taylor answered for both him and his little sister.

After realizing that they possibly lost the glasses in the fire, their persistent nurse Kassy emailed our KVFL team and asked if they could get a new pair of glasses. Without hesitation, we were more than happy to! Before you knew it, Taylor and Tierra were back in the classroom ready to learn with their new pair of specs.

This wouldn’t have been possible without the KVFL team, caring school nurses and all of our partners who bring the mission to life every day.

See how poor vision can impact a student and how a donation to EVF helps change kids lives.

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