Becky Palm Named One of the ‘Most Influential Women in Optical’ for 2020

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August 12, 2020

Hundreds were nominated for Vision Monday's 18th annual list of the most influential women in optical

Congratulations to Becky Palm, President and Executive Director of Essilor Vision Foundation, for being recognized by Vision Monday Magazine as one of the ‘Most Influential Women in Optical’ for 2020!

See the full write-up and reason Becky Palm was selected in Vision Monday.

Vision Monday announced its 2020 roster of 51 women, selected by VM’s editors from hundreds of submissions, leaders who are contributing their many talents to the optical business and vision care field in so many ways. Becky joins hundreds of women in prior years who have been recognized for their work and contributions.

According to Vision Monday, “This year’s diverse group consists of executives, sales and marketing professionals, eyecare professionals, administrators, researchers and teachers, reflecting the wide reach of women in our industry. The women are saluted in five categories: Executive Suite, Rising Stars, Innovators, Mentors and, in this very special year, a new one we call Above & Beyond, honoring women who have led the way in giving back to the industry, their patients and their communities.

VM’s editors chose Becky because “she leads a dedicated and driven team at EVF that creates and executes programs and awareness initiatives that educate parents, loved ones and communities about the importance of vision care, and provides people in need with free vision services. Under her leadership, EVF’s fundraising, exams and eyewear dispensed has risen exponentially.”

About Becky Palm

Becky Palm started her career as a transactional attorney at a Dallas law firm that provided outside legal support to Essilor of America, among other clients. In 2012, she joined Essilor of America and then spent the next 6.5 years as a member of its legal team providing legal and volunteer support to Essilor Vision Foundation (EVF). It soon became clear that a sense of community service and volunteerism was always in her blood.

Today, as president of EVF she oversees Essilor’s mission of improving lives by improving sight to communities, non-profit partners, industry players, employees and more with the intent to inspire others to help a brother or sister in need; to give them a better life through better sight, which is literally, the EVF motto.

Palm was responsible for the promotion and expansion of Changing Life through Lenses (CLTL), EVF’s charitable glasses program that provides free lenses and frames to people in need, that launched when she joined EVF in the fall of 2018. “In July 2019, we provided our one millionth pair of glasses to a person in need—six-year-old Khloe—and we celebrated this accomplishment with our “One Million Magic Moments” campaign.”

These days, Palm is spearheading the partnership between EVF and Essilor of America to provide more than 100,000 pieces of protective equipment to local hospitals and first responders in Texas and Ohio, OD schools, and ECPs.

As for her management style, Palm said, “I want to be the manager/leader who people believe in, who will challenge them and, when they reflect back, who provided them with pivotal career growth.”

SHE SAYS… “The [optical” world is your oyster—think about what you are good at, what brings you joy and how you can add value when you marry the two. It is a beautiful thing when career and passion come together!”

This selection and recognition is well-deserved! Please join the EVF team in congratulating Becky Palm on LinkedIn.

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