Put Vision First – Urging Everyone to Get an Eye Exam

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October 8, 2020

Essilor Vision Foundation is urging everyone to prioritize an eye exam

October is a time when people celebrate fall and start thinking about the holidays. Even though the holidays will be different this year, there still will be magic moments that parents don’t want their kids to miss. With that in mind, Essilor Vision Foundation encourages parents to prioritize their family’s vision so their children can see all the magic of the season.

Vision impacts every aspect of life, from learning and social interaction to seeing all the sights and colors of this time of year. Children who don’t have clear vision will miss the magic moments the holidays bring. They won’t see the twinkle of the lights, treats on the holiday table, or the smiles on their family’s faces.

Kids need clear vision to succeed in life

On Oct. 8, the world celebrates World Sight Day, a day to raise awareness about vision impairment. It is estimated that 12 million children in the U.S. need vision care, and as many as half are not getting it. Clear vision is especially important for kids, since 80% of what a child learns in their first 12 years is visual. But children often don’t ask for the help they desperately need because they don’t know they can’t see clearly. To them, blurry vision is normal.

Here are some things parents can look for if they think their child might have a vision problem:

  • Ask kids questions about visual details. For example, can they see the different colors of the leaves?
  • Do they trip over their Halloween costume or bump into walls?
  • Do they have difficulty reading a book and hold it close to their face?
  • Do they sit too close to the TV when watching?

Click here to find more signs and symptoms of vision impairment. If a child exhibits any of these behaviors, parents should take them to the eye doctor for a comprehensive exam.

Don’t let kids miss all the magic moments this year

Before getting too busy with the holidays, parents should prioritize their family’s health and vision by scheduling an appointment with an eye doctor. The most important gift parents can give to their children this holiday season is the gift of clear sight.

Download more educational and insightful resources about children’s eye health and vision impairment on EVF’s website.

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