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September 1, 2021

See Kids Soar Program Participant

Earlier this year, Triangle Visions Optometry launched a partnership with Essilor Vision Foundation (EVF) through EVF’s See Kids Soar® program. See Kids Soar is an in-office cause campaign intended to inspire parents, patients and eye doctors’ staff to adopt the cause of vision, and give them an opportunity to raise awareness and funds.

The Chapel Hill location is doing particularly well with the program. EVF talked about See Kids Soar with Chaie Sadler, general manager of that office.

EVF: What do you like about See Kids Soar?

CS: It is a nationwide program that can improve the daily lives of children by helping them to see better, which can aid them in having more fulfilling lives.

EVF: How do patients respond when they learn about the program?

CS: We are lucky here in Chatham County and Chapel Hill to have so many patients who want to contribute to a good cause. Several of the patients who have contributed have done so out of kindness, but also out of empathy since they wore glasses as a child and remember the excitement of being able to see clearly for the first time and how it boosted their confidence and self-esteem.

EVF: What benefits are your practice getting from participating in the program?

CS: It adds one more level of community contribution and involvement to the Triangle Visions brand and how we are dedicated to doing things that have a positive impact on people’s lives.

EVF: Why do you think this the Chapel Hill office is having success with See Kids Soar?

CS: I think we have been successful because our staff is onboard and happy to help raise awareness and money for the program. The team is consistently talking about it with our patients and making sure they ask each patient if they would like to contribute to helping provide eye exams and glasses for kids in need.

The goal of the EVF-Triangle Visions Optometry partnership is to raise $25,000 to help people in underserved areas receive essential vision care. Click here to learn more about See Kids Soar and how your practice can make difference.

Learn more about EVF’s See Kids Soar program.

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